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 MyPayDetails- Payroll on the Web

The Payroll on the Web offers the individuals with an Employee Self Service (ESS) Portal to log into MyPayDetails to receive their paystub electronically. Using this ESS site the employees can access all of their payroll information as well as view all of their paycheck related details such as their net salary, company’s deduction, employee benefits policy, PTO accruals, earned commissions, timesheet, contact info and more. It provides the same features as a paper pay stub.

The MyPayDetails online login portal is a secured website and completely safe to use. It can be accessed from any internet accessible device like a home computer, work computer, public computer, smartphone, tablet etc. from anywhere at a time of their convenience.

How to login MyPayDetails

By using the MyPayDetails employees no longer need to receive the paper paystub in the mail as they can access, view, download and print the documents. And before using the service, make sure your device has document reading software installed in it as it is needed to view the accessed documents on that computer or mobile device. There is also a link to Adobe Reader to download; you can use it if you do not have an installed one.

Using the Payroll on the Web portal, logging into MyPayDetails is very easy and simple. To initiate the process you can follow the short guideline mentioned below:

  • Go to MyPayDetails homepage at www.mypaydetails.com
  • The portal is available in two languages- English and Spanish. Select or change into your preferred one.
  • Enter the first four letters of your last name
  • Enter the first 5 digits of your Social Security Number
  • Lastly, type the password before hit the “submit” button.



For the new user, who are logging in for the first time, it is the first four numbers of their Social Security Number that is required as the password to enter. Once logged in, you will have the option to change and create a new one.

And if you are an existing user and not able to recall your MyPayDetails password to log in, click the “Forgot Password” link next to the password field posted on the page and enter the following information.

  • The first four letters of your last name
  • The first 5 digits of your Social Security Number
  • Date of Birth

Payroll Calculators

In MyPayDetails home page, users can find the ‘Payroll Calculators’ link through which the users will be navigated to the Paycheck City Payroll Calculators website. Inside the site, employees will get a number of options to use to calculate their pay manually to make sure of the amount of their paystub. Here is a list of the calculators, users can access in the Paycheck City Payroll to compute the amount.

  • Salary Calculator
  • Hourly Calculator
  • W4 Calculator
  • Gross-Up Calculator
  • Bonus Pay Percent
  • Bonus Pay Aggregate
  • 401(k) Calculator
  • Dual Scenario Salary
  • Dual Scenario Hourly






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