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Experian Access your credit report

Access Experian Credit Report Online

Checking the credit report is an essential part of the financial health. So, Experian helps the consumers access their credit reports online and receive a detailed walk-through of the report focusing on how the lenders will review and assess their credit information. There are many reasons to check your credit report at least once a year. Some of the benefits of accessing the credit report are:

  • Build or maintain a good credit and monitor the progress if you are in the recovery process from your past credit problems or poor credit.
  • Help you to know when the credit is in good shape and you can apply for a new credit card.
  • Important for credit transactions, managing personal finance and other financial relationships
  • Find out the potential actions to improve credit score
  • Prevent you to be a fraud victim and future misuse of your identity
  • Correct the inaccurate information, submit a dispute and more
  • Checking your own credit report will not affect your credit score

How to Check Credit Report with Experian  

To submit your request of checking credit report in Experian is a simple, easy and quick process. There you can access your credit report by both report number and personal information. All the information entered to fill out the form will be used only to verify your identity for security purpose. In order to initiate the process of accessing your Experian Credit Report, you can follow the brief guide provided below.

Access by Experian Report Number

Those, who have a recent copy of Experian Credit Report, can access their report by that number. It will better enable Experian to access your information in their system. For that, go to www.experian.com/viewreport and enter the following information.

  • Existing 10-digit Report Number (Hover over the question mark icon to find out where you need to locate the unique number in your personal credit report from Experian)
  • Social Security Number
  • Email Address (Don’t worry, your email will not be used for marketing purpose or provided to any third parties)
  • Confirm Email Address


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Review and check the box to agree to the Experian terms and conditions and click the “Submit” button.

Experian credit report



Access by Personal Information

If it is your first time checking credit report with Experian and don’t have a report number, scroll down and navigate to the second section of the webpage. Then provide the following information about yourself to verify your identity and submit the request.

  • First Name
  • Middle Initials
  • Last Name
  • Generation
  • Address
  • City
  • State
  • ZIP Code
  • Social Security Number
  • Email Address
  • Confirm Email Address

Select the right option if you have lived your current address longer than two years and check the box of terms and conditions prior to hitting the “Submit” button.

Experian Access your credit report


Some Useful Info about Experian Credit Report

  • Positive information on your credit report generally remains up to 10 years and negative info like late payments, missed payments or an account turned over to a collection agency can remain for 7 years.
  • Unpaid tax lines may remain for 10 years and paid tax for up to 7 years from filing date on your credit report.
  • If you find the information in your credit report is inaccurate, Experian Online Service will assist you to submit a dispute by phone or mail.
  • The dispute process will be completed within 30 days and you will be sent the result. Incorrect information will be corrected and that cannot be verified, will be updated or deleted.
  • At the top right portion of the Experian: Access your Credit Card page, there is a toolkit containing helpful links of Experian Credit Educator, Fraud Center, Freeze Center, Know Your Rights, Common Questions and Credit Score to access all the detail information about your Credit Report.

About Experian

One of the “Big Three” credit report agencies, Experian (other two are TransUnion and Equifax) is a global leader in consumer and business credit reporting and marketing services. The company is based in Dublin, Ireland and other headquarters are located in the UK, US, and Brazil. Experian has 17000 employees and serves in 37 countries. According to US Law, it provides the consumers one free credit report per year as all other credit reporting agencies.

Contact Information

Phone Number: 1-800-311-4769

Mailing Address:

Experian, PO Box 9701, Allen, TX 75013






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