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Pay My Doc Account Number to Pay Doctor Bill

Pay My Doc was Founded in 1974 with a mission to maximize profits for physicians and practices. Staff members at Clinic Service go through at least 40 hours of training each year

Based out of Denver, Colorado but provides services nationally as well as locally. The company was rolled out “speed claim” in 1981 achieving a 5 day turn around on some claims

In 2010 an EMR solution called C-Suite was launched (designed by docs for docs). Services include Medical Billing, Medical Consulting, and Practice Management

With regards to making an online payment, here and there the hardest piece of the whole procedure is finding the record number the bill is related to. Fortunately, the individuals who need to cover a tab at Clinic Service’s Pay My Doc gateway shouldn’t need to stress over this potential issue. Upon landing in the entryway clients should see a What is this? connect posted over the field where a record number can be entered. In the wake of tapping the connection, a picture will give the idea that shows exactly how the record number will look as appeared on an example charge. When the record number has been found it tends to be entered alongside the last name of the patient before tapping the Search Account catch to discover the record and continue with the online installment process.

Pay the Pay My Doc bill

For this visit, www.paymydoc.net

Here, at the middle left of the page, click on the validation box, then you will be directed to the next page.

There, in the middle, type,

  • Account Number

  • Last Name

  • Then, from bottom right click on, ‘Search account’.


If you want to know what is the account number, then, you will find it in the bill, and click on, ‘What is this?’ from the upper right side of the ‘Account number’ blank. You will get to see the image.

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Customer care

To get in touch with Pay My Doc or for any further assistance, you can call on, 303-755-2900. Send an email to, info@clinicservice.com. Or write a mail to, 3464 South Willow St., Denver, CO 80231.

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