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Status Now

Status-Now: Check the Status of your Rebate Online

Status-Now provides the consumers, who have received rebate offer on their purchased products, an online service to find the fulfillment status of the promotion submission and submit a rebate form for the claim. To search the status, the rebate recipients need to provide some of the details from the purchase receipt of their products or they can do the process alternatively using the Tracking ID they received in their email from Status-Now.

How to search for the Rebate Status

The consumers can check their submission status very conveniently with Status-Now. The process is quite simple and straight-forward. To begin it, keep the original or a copy of product purchase receipt handy to access the required information on it and follow the instructions mentioned below:

  • Visit the website located at www.status-now.com
  • Enter your Last Name or Company Name in the respective field on the page.
  • Input the Street Number next. (Only the digits need to be entered; look at the example provided below)
  • Lastly, enter the ZIP Code and hit the “Search” button to run the process
  • Or, you can simply enter the Tracking ID if you got any email correspondence from Status-Now pertaining to your submission.

Status Now

If your rebate is showing invalid, you will receive a non-compliance notification explaining why your submission is ineligible. Missing information, incorrect purchase date or postmark date; there can be a lot of reasons for the invalid status of your rebate submission.

Besides, each rebate may have different requirements and different limits on the number of times it can be submitted. See the rebate form for the specific rules for your rebate.

Things you need to know about the Rebate Process     

  • The consumer will not qualify for the rebate if it is not postmarked by the date specified on the rebate form. The postmark date is the day on which the Post Office processes your envelope and no mail is processed on Sundays.
  • Every rebate has its particular valid date range. You will not be eligible for the rebate if the purchase is made outside that date or you postmarked your submission after the date stated on your rebate form.
  • If you are submitting a rebate for a mobile phone, the Electronic Serial Number of it can be found on the outside of the product package or under the battery on the inside of the phone.
  • For other items, the Serial Number is generally located on a small sticker or some other label on the product.
  • The email address of the rebate recipients will always be kept confidential. Though it is not mandatory to provide an email address to receive the rebate, you are recommended to enter the email as it gives Status-Now to communicate with you regarding the status of your rebate.

Contact Information

For any question related to your rebate submission or offer, dial 1-800-953-3098 between 9 am and 5 pm MST.



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