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Sky Zone Guest Experience Survey

Join The Skyzonelistens Survey And Grab A Discount

Do you like a trampoline? Like to jump on it and have fun? Then, you must visit Sky Zone. This is an indoor trampoline park and they have operations in, UAE, Oman, Qatar, United States, Canada, Australia, Colombia, Guatemala, India, Kuwait, Mexico, Norway, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, Bahrain, Guam, and so many other places. They have a total 210 operations in various places. The company was founded in, 2004 by, Jeff Platt, Rick Platt. Sky Zone works under its parent organization, CircusTrix.

Similar to numerous online customer feedback survey, the Sky Zone Listens SMG overview isn’t reluctant to compensate members for the time and assessments. Upon fruitful consummation of the overview, an offer that can be utilized at an up and coming visit will be messaged inside 24 hours. The individuals who like the sound of an idea in return for a couple of musings can start by first choosing a language to give input in. When the language has been picked the Start catch can be clicked to continue to the principal page of the review. Subsequent to tapping the Start button the Next button can be clicked to move onto the following screen.

Activities at Sky Zone

  • Free-form Jump – Get on the trampolines and simply start JUMPING

  • Skyslam – Grab a hold of the stone and hammer it home!

  • Ultimate Dodgeball – It’s all the more energizing when flying through the air

  • Foam Zone – Bounce around unquestionably realizing the froth is there

  • Ultimate Volleyball – Get monstrous ups and spike the ball to triumph

  • Skyclimb – Try to explore through the upward bound snag course

The status of the Sky Zone Listens SMG study can be checked whenever by taking a look at the advancement bar posted at the base of the page. Notwithstanding the advancement bar, duplicates of both the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy can likewise be found at the base of the review. The individuals who need to return to a recently addressed inquiry should utilize the back catch of their program to go in reverse through the overview.

Eligibility for the SkyZoneListens survey

  • Your age has to be 18 years to take part in this survey

  • You need a Tablet or PC with an internet connection to take the survey

  • You must have knowledge in either English or in Spanish, Urdu, Norsk and Francais languages

  • You must be a legal resident of the US

Official rules for SkyZoneListens survey

  • No employees of the company can take part in this survey, not even their relatives.

  • You have to answer truthfully to all the questions

  • No void will be accepted in the survey

Taking the SkyZoneListens survey

To take the survey go to, www.skyzonelistens.smg.com

On the page, in the middle choose your language

  • Then, click on, ‘Start’.

  • Rate your overall satisfaction

  • Then, click on, ‘Next’.

Sky Zone Guest Experience Survey

  • Specify how many people were at the party

  • Then, click on, ‘Next’

  • If you made a purchase of the jump ticket for yourself in here

  • Then, click on, ‘Next’

There will be other questions after this, and you have to answer them truthfully to complete the survey.

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A reward of SkyZoneListens survey

The reward is a discount after you finish the survey. You will get a code, and when you visit Sky Zone for the next time, upon showing the code you will be able to redeem the discount.

Customer help

To get more assistance you can write to, 1201 W. 5th Street, T-900. Los Angeles, CA 90017.

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