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Log in to My Ricoh Resource Portal

Ricoh USA provides their users with a safe and secure My Ricoh Resource Portal to log in and access to their dealership’s customer account online. Using this ‘Dealer Resource Center’ the consumers can obtain the access of their MyRicoh account and manage all of their business such as:

  • Browse products, place and track orders online
  • Submit meter reads for their Ricoh devices
  • Receive personalized alerts for important tasks that need attention
  • Submit service requests for their Ricoh devices

To login My Ricoh Resource

To gain access to the My Ricoh Resource Portal, the dealers, distributors or the customers of Ricoh USA need to login their MyRicoh Accounts with the required login credentials provided by their Local Dealer Administrator. If you don’t have the information, first, contact your Local Dealer Administrator at your dealership and then proceed to access the portal.

To log in to My Ricoh, the steps mentioned below can be followed.

  • Visit MyRicoh at www.myricoh.com
  • Enter your registered Email Address or Username
  • Enter the password
  • Click the blue “LOG IN” button to enter your account

MyRicoh com Home Ricoh USA

While typing the password you need to be careful as it is case sensitive; you can also check the “Show password” box to make sure you are inputting the right info. If you want to speed up the login process for future use on the same device, you can check the box ‘Remember my Email Address/Username’ which make the login process quicker by saving the info on the current device.

Forgot password

The account members, who have forgotten the password and cannot be able to log in or access the My Ricoh Resource Center, can retrieve it by clicking the ‘Forgot password?’ the link provided below the ‘Log In’ section. Submit the email address to begin resetting the password. You will be sent an email with a link through that you can reset your password.

My Ricoh Registration

The Ricoh consumers, who want to utilize the site and order supplies, manage their Ricoh equipment or check prices, order status and initiate returns, need to register and create their MY Ricoh Account. For registration

  • Go to the MyRicoh Portal atwww.myricoh.com
  • Click the ‘Register New User’ link located beside the Login section.
  • Enter your Email Address which will become your Username on
  • Reenter the Email Address or Username to confirm
  • Create your Password to access MyRicoh Portal
  • Confirm the password and click the ‘Continue Registration’ button and complete the rest of the process.

MyRicoh com Registration Ricoh USA

While creating a password, make sure it must be at least 8 characters long and contains at least one letter and one number. Your password cannot be the same of your username and the characters should not be repeated.

Contact Details

Ricoh Customer Service Phone Number: 866-239-8494




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