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starz on apple tv

How to Install the Starz on Apple TV with Comcast:

Starz is an American premium satellite and cable television subscription service, which is owned by Lionsgate Entertainment. This premium subscription service is loved for its collection of blockbuster shows and movies. These shows are characterized by first-hand release and popular masterpieces. It was initiated in 2016 and provides cost-effective and on-demand streaming services covering a range of genres, including crime, drama, comedy, action, and sci-fi.

How the Comcast Works:

Comcast is a leading industry in American Communications, entertainment, and information industry. They provide premium mass media, broadband internet, home telephone, and cable television services. They also offer security services for the residential and commercial topographies in the United States.

Comcast Cable Communications (a subsidiary of Comcast Corporation) is known as Xfinity. They provide an extensive range of on-demand and customer-targeted wireless services, internet, and cable television services.

If you are an Xfinity Stream app customer, then you can stream a wide range of on-demand shows, live news, movies, and lots of other programs. To work the app on your device, you will require strong 3G/4G cellular or Wi-Fi internet.

Is It Possible to Activate Starz on Apple TV with Comcast?

A few years ago, Comcast supported Starz on several platforms. However, the agreement was ended towards the end of 2019. These two companies do not reach a feasible agreement to renew the deal.

But still, it is possible to activate the Starz on your Apple TV with Comcast. Comcast subscribers can only watch the Starz content through the supported cable boxes.

Can Comcast customers Watch Starz?

Comcast customers can stream the Starz. Although, the Starz App is not compatible with Comcast. To watch the Starz content, you will require another media platform. In another word, the Starz app does not support Xfinity, so you cannot use the app to watch content on your Apple TV.

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Starz App on Apple TV:

Before getting started, you have to understand if Starz works on Apple TV. You can set up the Starz app on your Apple TV. You can follow these simple instructions below to activate the app on your Apple TV device:

  • Firstly, you need to turn on your Apple TV.
  • Then, use the remote to find and open the Apple TV App Store.
  • You have to enter Starz App on the search field and click on the app to install it.
  • There, you will get the on-screen directions to complete the installation process.
  • You need to go back to your Apple TV home screen and open the Starz Play app.
  • From this section, you have to provide the Starz Play login credentials to sign in.

Contact Info:

If you have any queries about Starz, then you can contact the customer service department at (970) 438-2789 for help.

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