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AZ Pet Licenses

How to Manage AZ Pet Licenses Online:

Maricopa County Animal Care and Control require you to get the license of your pet online or manage it. If you have a pet then you can navigate to the website of the Maricopa County. If you are an existing account holder you can sign in to access the services available or register your dog for free.

In Maricopa County dogs over 3 years of age need to be licensed and vaccinated against rabies. Maricopa County is the largest state in the south-central part of the U.S. It is the most populated state with a ranking of fourth most populous state in the United States.

AZ Pet Licenses Overview:

If you aren’t yet aware of the AZ Pet Licenses then here is a guide for you. Residents of Maricopa County need to register their dogs for vaccines under the Maricopa County Animal Care and Control. This is to prevent them from rabies and protect the disease from spreading into humans or animals.

Once you have vaccinated your dog and received the license you can attach it to the dog’s collar as proof of vaccination. Having the AZ Pet Licenses has plenty of benefits for your dog as well as you. Here is a list of perks you can enjoy with the AZ Pet Licenses.

AZ Pet Licenses Benefits:

  • With the AZ Pet Licenses your dog will be protected from rabies. All dogs over three months of age need to be licensed and vaccinated against the disease.
  • AZ Pet Licenses is the law of Maricopa County. To avoid penal charges it is necessary to get your dog vaccinated.
  • If your dog is picked up by the Animal Control Officer then it will be returned back home with the help of the pet license on its collar.
  • Maricopa County AZ Pet Licenses also keeps your dog safe as the owner’s information is entered into the government database.
  • If your dog is lost somewhere and picked up by the Maricopa County Animal Care and Control then the first 24 hours of shelter will be free of cost.

How to License your Dog at AZ Pet Licenses:

  • In order to license your dog you need to visit the AZ Pet Licenses website. www.tagyourwag.com
  • As the webpage opens there is a heading that reads ‘Licensing your Dog’.
  • Under it there is a button tagged ‘License your Dog Today Online’.

maricopa county pet license

  • Now a new webpage opens that reads information lookup.
  • The user must provide the following details in the respective spaces:
  • license or notice reference number
  • Account Number, Person ID, or Last Name
  • Below there are two buttons. Tap the one that applies to you and follow the prompts to license your dog.

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How to Order a Replacement Dog Tag:

  • To order a replacement dog tag you need to visit the homepage of AZ Pet Licenses. www.tagyourwag.com
  • As the webpage opens you will find a heading that reads ‘Licensing your Dog’.
  • At the middle of the heading, there is a button tagged ‘Order a Replacement Dog Tag’.
  • Click on it and you will be taken further to the next screen.
  • There you should enter the following information:
  • first name
  • last name
  • physical address
  • phone
  • email address
  • Complete the replacement tag or balance due section and click the button below.
  • Follow the prompts and your replacement dog tag will be received.


For assistance the user can connect with the Animal Care and Control by calling on (602) 506-7387. Once the call is connected you can speak to the representative there. Well, this was all we could offer on the AZ Pet Licenses Online.




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