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Twin Oaks provide their clients with a safe and secure Online Members Services portal to make online payments conveniently. This is the fastest and easiest option for the customers to make a payment by scheduling or paying for specialty services at their club.

In order to access all the features of the site, the users must be 18 years of age or older. They also may require to be registered and have their User ID and Password ready to enter.

How to make payments at Twin Oaks

Using The Twin Oaks Member Services for convenient online payments the consumers can pay their bills very quickly by completing some simple and easy steps. To initiate the process, the Twin Oaks users can follow the guideline mentioned here:

  • Go to the Twin Oaks Member Services Online Payments Home Page at www.memberservicenow.com
  • Enter your First Name, Last Name and ID Number
  • Click the “Go” button to continue

Twin Oaks

Make sure to include the leading zero if your ID Number begins with a Zero. If you find the ID difficult to locate, look at the top right corner of the letter that you are provided by Twin Oaks.

Take a glance at Twin Oaks

Twin Peaks offers the club owners and operators Gym Software, club management software, fitness club software, health club software for payment processing and related services like billing, returns management etc. It promises their clients to provide reliable service, reliable products, and a reliable dues line to help their business run successfully. Twin Peaks provides their software in two categories.

Desktop Club Management Software

It is a Windows-based fully network compliant Management Software that works almost in every environment interfacing with many peripheral devices and door control system for member data management and electronic billing.

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Web Club Management Software

Another one is web-based health club software that has real-time updating across multiple locations and devices. The products work with HTML5 technology and provide a super friendly user interface, quality graphics, easy to learn functionality sets and so on.

Contact Information

Those, who need to contact Twin Peak, can reach by the following ways:

Main Office Address:

1463 Berlin Turnpike

Berlin, CT 06037

Phone: 860-829-6000 or 866-278-6750(toll-free)

Email Address: info@tosd.com

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