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Activate FX Networks

Activate Device for FXNOW Online

FX Network provides an online activation portal for the users to activate FXNOW and enable them to gain access to all full episodes and movies from FX, FXX, and FXM based on their TV subscription. For the first time use the viewers must go through this FX NOW app activation process and they can do it using the FX Network Activation site with their TV provider and watch their favorite FXNOW shows and movies on-demand from anywhere anytime as they wish.

How to complete FXNOW Activation

To access FXNOW, consumers must subscribe FX channel or have a cable plan that includes FX. If you have FX, you can be able to download the app or get to access all three networks, FX, FXX and FXM without any additional charge. Note that each TV or Cable provider may have different subscription plans and details.

However, if you are the one, who is looking for FXNOW Activation on their device, here is a short guide provided below to help you initiate the procedure.

  • At first, open FXNOW; ‘Activate Device’ page will appear on the screen
  • Select “Activate” and you will be provided with an activation code on the next screen along with an activation link
  • Now you need a computer, tablet or a mobiles device connected with the internet to access a browser and visit www.fxnetworks.com/activate
  • Enter the activation code displayed on your TV screen and submit
  • Select your TV Provider
  • Sign in to your TV Provider Account Enter with the respective username and password.

Activate FX Networks

Move forward as you will be prompted by the on-screen instructions to finish the activation process. Upon completion, you will receive a success message and then you can return to your device and stream a select set of episodes, clips, exclusive interviews, and all the other FX program as per your TV subscription plan.

FX NOW compatible Devices

To access FX Network, your device must be compatible with FXNOW. Here is a list of devices on which FXNOW app is available.

  • SONY TVs with Android TV
  • Roku
  • Ios
  • Xbox One
  • Android
  • Apple TV
  • Chromecast
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • And Android TV


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Some Useful Information about FX NOW

TV Providers

To access FXNOW and watch the full episode of all series and movies, consumers must sign in their TV Providers with the required credentials. The amount of time they can be logged in to that account to explore FX shows and episodes depends on the TV Providers. Usually, the TV Providers allow a 30-day period of time to remain logged in. Some of the top participating TV Providers for FXNOW are

  • AT&T U-verse
  • Xfinity
  • Fios
  • Spectrum etc.

You can get a full list of participating providers by visiting the FXNOW official website. And if your TV Provider is not supported, you can sign up providing the required info to receive alerts that will notify you when your TV Provider is available on FXNOW.

Parental Control

On FX NOW the users have parental controls for the content. To configure parental restriction you need to log in to your TV Provider and go to the ‘Setting’ section and click the parental control tab. There you need to provide your email address associated to your TV Provider account and the respective PIN.

A full listing of rating information can be reviewed or each time you select a different rating it will show what that rating does mean. Click a selected rating to change your previous set in. After the rating changed you will get a confirmation message.

Upgrade Subscription

Consumers can contact their TV Provider and upgrade their subscription with FXM and access a wider variety of movies

FX Network Term of Use

  • To use the FX service, consumers’ age should be 13c years or above and they must bound by the FX terms and conditions.
  • Participate in or secure additional FX services, users may be required to create an account. To make it easier and avoid maintaining multiple accounts, FX has created FX Universal that allows the users to sign in with one email and password.
  • Certain purchased subscriptions based on FX products will be automatically renewed and the provided credit card will be charged per billing cycle of their subscription unless it is canceled by the users.
  • Users, who no longer want to use the FX service, can terminate their account at any time. FX also can terminate the consumers’ account, subscription both free and paid, access the FX services for any or no reason, with or without notice or explanation
  • Users can check full terms of use details of FX Network from the link posted at the bottom of the FXNOW Activation page.

Contact Information

For any reason, if you would like to contact FX, you can call at 310-369-1000.

You also can write to

10201 West Pico Boulevard Building 103 4th Floor Los Angeles, CA 90035



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