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EGO Payment Portal

EGO Payment Portal- Pay Bills Online

The authorized patients, who have received their medical billing statement recently from their service providers and referred to make their payment online through EGO Payment Portal, can do so by visiting www.erstatement.com. To use the service, the uses just need an internet connected device which enables them to make their payment safely and securely in comfort of their home or anywhere else they want 24/7.

Patient Login to Make Payment

To access this online platform for paying bills, you must be an authorized user; the unauthorized use of the portal is strictly prohibited. This convenient method of online paying requires only two pieces of information that can be easily found on the statement, to sign in.

For beginning the procedure, you can keep your paper statement handy to get the login credentials as well as the other details; you may need in the later steps, and follow the brief guideline provided here:

  • Go to EGO Payment Portal at www.erstatement.com
  • Enter your Client Account Number and Password in their respective blank spaces on the page.
  • Click the “LOGIN” button to enter your account
  • Select the payment method, and provide all the required details you will be asked to complete your online bill payment.

EGO Payment Portal

The password is printed in two places on your paper statement. One is in the black shadow box on the upper right section of the page below the credit card payment box and another can be found in the black shadow in the center section of the statement.

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Still having problem to locate the login information, you can click the link under the ‘Password’ field to view the image of the portion of a sample ER Statement where the Account Number and Password are displayed.

What you need to know regarding Security

To protect from the Internet or Email fraud, you must be cautious. There is also a guideline to assist the users of the site in detecting certain types of fraud like phishing provided at the bottom of the EGO Payment Portal.

  • While logging into your account, make sure that the online statements correspond to the paper statements you receive in the mail.
  • Check the patient’s name and address are correct
  • You will never be requested to validate your personal information through the email by an ER representative.
  • Avoid any kind of email inquiry or verification of your SSN, DOB, Driver License Number, and other sensitive information.

Contact Information

The users, who are concerned about their account security or suspect an unlaw activity, dial 877-346-2455.





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