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Top Games to Play on Roku:

People usually pass time by watching their favorite shows and videos. There is no other app better than Roku for this specific purpose. Many users approve that the best way to watch their songs, play music, movies, and watch their TV series is through Roku. Roku is the full-on entertainment package. This platform is also allowing users to play some decent games. Although it is not a popular gaming platform, still users can play some incredible games.

You might not be able to play games like Fortnite, but you can play some good graphics games on this platform. Roku games are not developed to contend with the graphics and complexity of your Xbox games. Most of the games on Roku are developed in 8bits format. Some of their games are genuinely nostalgic, and some are simply great to play. You can play all the classic games which have been released on the Roku platform. Most of the games on Roku are free, but for the add-ons, you will be charged some extra penny.

Some of The Top Games Available on Roku Devices:

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This game is a classic beauty. It is an adventurous game in an imaginary world, where the world is evaded by aliens and you have to control the spaceship. You as the player have to shoot down all the invaders. There are up to 250th levels available on this game. On each level, you can obtain powerups and earn live to survive in all the levels.


This is a very well-known game that you might have seen on the Nokia mobile sets. There is a small recreation has been made on this game and launched on Roku. It is a very simple game and extremely interesting to play. You have to play as a snake in this game. The purpose of this gameplay is to eat the available food and grow longer to proceed to the next levels. If the snake collides with itself, then the game will be over. Every level of this game is inspiring and challenging to play.

roku device game add

Video Poker:

Video Poker is a very well-known card game. You will get five versions of cards available within this game. Being a poker lover, if you don’t want to lose any money, then this game is a perfect choice for you.


Retaliate is another good game and similar to the Galaga. This game is basically a shooting game. The best thing about this game is that you will get indefinite weapons. You can also acquire the weapons of your enemies by defeating them. It is truly fun gameplay and very engaging.

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Air Hockey:

It is very realistic gameplay. With this game, you can feel that you are exactly playing air hockey. The only difference is that you have to play the game on your computer rather than a person. The gameplay of Air Hockey is very fast and exhilarating keep up with this game to win.


It is a very distinguished puzzle game. It has many levels, which are exciting and puzzling to play. The games are all created by the other players of the Tiles game. You will also get the option to create yourself make levels and can display them for the rest of the gamers to play. This game is a platform where you can create the game and let others enjoy it. This unique idea makes this game different compare to the other games.



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